People are the most valuable resource of any organizations. At KimCuong, we highly appreciate all your contributions to the common success of the Company whoever you are and whatever your position is.

Therefore, we offer to all KimCuong’s members a dynamic and fair working environment, where each employee has opportunities to develop and contribute to be successful in both working and personality. All of the successes, even the smallest one, are recognized and rewarded deservedly. We provide a system of diversified and suitable solutions to help you grow and develop your career paths at KimCuong. All of these solutions are developed and connected tightly based on the organization vision and culture.

 Novaland salary system based on the local labor benchmark is competitive and matches with actual requirements and workload
 Salary is reviewed quarterly/annually based on job feature and performance.
 Holiday bonus is paid during the year and performance bonus is paid after year ends.
 Other allowances such as lunch, telephone, transportation fee are paid during the year.
 Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for employees are fully paid as current regulations. Maternity, illness, severance allowances also follow the regulated law.
The policies to take care the lives of employees: birthday gifts, wedding gifts, organization of visits

 Annual travel sponsorship for employees & family.
 Annual general health check for all employees.
 Annual outing trip/team building for employees to relax and improve the relationship
 24/24 health care insurance and accidental insurance for employees. 
 Far business trips support
 Year-end party with many attractive Tet gifts for employees.
 Other supports to employees: birthday gift, wedding gift, etc.

 We organize training and improving skills for the labor regularly to gradually improve the quality of staff, to meet immediate needs and strategic development of the company.
 Employees sent staff to attend training courses, courses on awareness of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, management, professional, technical or organization outside the Company to serve the needs job.