With our slogan "Quality confirmation" that Kim Cuong joint stock company has been selected as oriented criteria of business. This is also the commitment message from Kim Cuong joint stock company would like to share with the industrial development in Vietnam.

At the same time, we have been responsibility for all our products to bring high valued added to customers with quality products and environmentally friendly.

Besides, we always try the best to build a prestige brand name, faith from customer and produce more high quality products for local market and export as well.  

Customers: Commitment to supply high quality product and environmental friendly. This is our responsibility for life, people and society.

Partners: Connect to partners with our prestige and we enhance the spirit of cooperation, development to win together.
Staff: Build a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and humanities. All staff is equal in  development opportunities and condition of income increase.

Social: We always make company profit with social benefit harmonically, responsibility of people in the country.